Ride Schedule

1 Man, 1 Bike, will travel more than 1700 miles in remembrance of the more than 1700 lives that have either been Killed in Action, or are Missing in Action for Vietnam and all conflicts since. Shorter rides (21 miles) will be integrated for the public to bring awareness of the 21 veterans who commit suicide each day. 

The Heroes Ride will consist of 20 stops, traveling across more than 1700 miles with events at each location.  The mileage is significant, the miles have been set to cover more than 1700 miles of area.  One for each one of the lives that were lost, or missing in action for Vietnam and all conflicts since.  The ride will be completed by Tom Kingsbury in his recumbent bicycle with images of The Highground Veterans Memorial Park.   We are working with community leaders from across the state to create or become part of events to bring the remembrance of these fallen soldiers, as well as the mission of The Highground, Honor, Educate and Heal across the state to Veterans, and their families.