Tom Kingsbury to ride over 1700 miles for The Highground

Tom Kingsbury is a veteran (1972 – 1975) in the US Army. While serving, he was attached to a funeral detail and performed numerous military funerals, most for military members who had served in Vietnam. This experience changed Tom’s life and has been a part of him since. This is Tom’s 2nd time riding across Wisconsin to honor the more than 1700 WI men & women who have been KIA or MIA since the start of the Vietnam War. He has been part of a number of military funerals and has seen the effects that the loss of a loved one serving their country has had on the families.
The 2019 Heroes Ride will bring to focus and honor many aspects of the personal cost of military service. The goal of the Ride is to bring awareness of Veteran PTSD; the risk and fight against Veteran Suicide; and help everyone across WI become aware of The Highground Veterans Park and all it has to offer.

Many veterans of all eras continue to struggle with varying degrees of PTSD. This struggle and the fear and frustration that accompany it affect not only the veteran, but all those who care about him or her. The Heroes Ride will publicize awareness of PTSD; bringing with it information for veterans and families that wish to move forward and are looking for different avenues to try to achieve peace and enjoyment in their lives. PTSD is unique to each individual and there are many programs, workshops, and therapy choices available for veterans and families.
Veteran suicide is a heartbreaking fact that has happened in almost every community across the country. It has been approximated that an average of 21 veterans commit suicide each day in the US. These are veterans of any age, men and women. This is an issue that has no easy answer, but the more awareness that can be brought about the risk of veteran suicide and the help that is available for veterans and families to reach out at the first signs of troubling symptoms. The key may lie in awareness, attention, listening, and veterans keeping their “brothers and sisters” close with a feeling of community.

Accompanying Tom with the Heroes Ride will be a Highground outreach. As unique as the The Highground is and as powerful the healing can be for veterans and families that visit, it is the unfortunate fact that many WI citizens do not even know that it exists! The Heroes Ride will be bringing information about The Highground and its mission of Honoring, Healing & Education to veterans and veteran supporters across the state. For more information on how you can support the Heroes Ride, go to: