Day 1 Merrill

The 21 Mile Ride to Merrill

Merrill – The SawMill Brewing Company.
July 20, 2019

Press : Open to the Press

Approx Arrival Time: Evening

Interviews: Jon Weiler Executive Director from The Highground along with Tracy Jopek from The Veterans Coalition of Merrill will be available for interviews

Join us at The SawMill Brewing Company as we start our trip with an evening to support The Gold Star families and bring awareness of some of the amazing things that they are doing in their community.

  1. 4:00 pm Reading of the Names of The Fallen
  2. 4:45 pm Max Koepke starts music
  3. 5:00 pm Entrance By Tom
  4. 5:10 pm Welcome from Polly
  5. 5:15 pm Tracy Jopek Family
  6. 5:25 pm Welcome from Jon
  7. 5:35 pm Moment of Silence
  8. 5:36 pm Taps
  9. 5:40 pm – 8pm Band/Food

Join the Ride Information: Starting at 2:30 pm from St. Andrews Lutheran Church west of Merrill entering the SawMill Brewing Company at 5pm