Day 7 Janesville Traxler Park

Janesville Traxler Park
July 26, 2019

Press: Open to the Press

Approx Arrival Time: Afternoon 12:00pm

Interviews: Executive Director Jon Weiler will be available starting at 11:30 with Tom being available immediately following the event.

This event will be a great opportunity to highlight the growth of our state and what we are capable of doing when we work together as a community.  This area has been completely redone with the support of the community, much like the community that has helped us create our wonderful park and facilities.  This will be an opportunity to reach out to persons who have may not have heard about The Highground and all it has to offer to Veterans and their families.  Speaking will be Mark Finnegan from VetsRoll to talk about the amazing work they have done throughout their tenure as well as The Highground Executive Director Jon Weiler.

  1. 12:00pm Tom Enters Park at Memorial
  2. 12:01 Presentation of Colors
  3. 12:05 Welcome From Jon Weiler of The Highground Veterans Memorial Park
  4. 12:07 Invocation
  5. 12:15 Jon Weiler about The Highground and it’s mission
  6. 12:30 Mark Finnegan and VetsRoll and it’s mission
  7. 12:45 Jon Weiler Mark Finnegan Laying of the Wreath
  8. 12:50 Moment of Silence
  9. 12:51 21 Gun Salute
  10. 12:53 Taps

Join the Ride Information: There will be no ride associated with this event.  The next ride will be leaving Orfordville later that day and making it’s way to New Glarus.