Day 9 Hillsboro

Field Veterans Memorial Park
July 28

Press : Open to the Press

Approx Arrival Time: 10:00 (TBD)

Interviews: Interviews will be available with Executive Director Jon Weiler and Rider Tom Kingsbury

We will be stopping at the beautiful Field Veterans Memorial Park in Hillsboro for a special wreath-laying ceremony. With Hillsboro’s rich Veterans and Bicycling history, it seemed like a fitting location to take a moment and honor those from rural Wisconsin.

  1. 10:00 Tom Enters Park
  2. 10:05 Welcome by Executive Director Jon Weiler
  3. 10:10 Benediction
  4. 10:15 Speaker (TBD)
  5. 10:30 Executive Director Jon Weiler
  6. 10:45 Laying of the wreath
  7. 10:47 Moment of Silence
  8. 10:48 21 Gun Salute
  9. 10:50 Taps

Join the Ride Information: There will be no 21-mile connection for this event.  The next 21-mile ride will be in the La Crosse community on the same day.