39th Annual Heroes Ride Bike Tour August 4-6, 2023!


There are many ways to get involved with sponsoring the Heroes Ride. For questions or more information, please reach out to Bonnie at 715-937-3335 or send an email to events@thehighground.us

Sponsor Deadline is June 26, 2023 to be included on the back of this year’s t-shirt.

$100 Sponsorship

Sponsor name or logo displayed at event

$250 Sponsorship

Receive the $100 Sponsorship Level Benefit PLUS:
Sponsor name listed in all news releases
Sponsor name or logo added to event t-shirt

$500 Sponsorship

Receive all the $250 Sponsorship Level Benefits PLUS:
Sponsor name or logo listed in
printed newsletter (18,000+ subscribers)
Sponsor name or logo added to e-newsletters

$1000 Sponsorship

Receive all the $500 Sponsorship Level Benefits PLUS:
The sponsor may set up a booth at the event
The sponsor will receive an invitation to the
Friends of the Highground Dinner